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1997 Blazer to a 2020 Blazer

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Looking to upgrade my current 1997 S10 Blazer to a 2020 Premier AWD. I havent purchased yet, but I do have a dealer looking for a color / options combination for me ... should be soon. I have found that dedicated forums like this are an excellent way to get good advice and information ... looking forward to 20+ years with this new Blazer.
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Congratulations! My son had a 1999 as his first vehicle, and when he got it, I made an offhand comment about how wouldn’t it be funny if I got one of the new Blazers even though I’d never even laid eyes on one yet.
Well, fast forward a few days and I looked up the new Blazer, and I fell in LOVE. Holy cat, it is such an amazing truck. Had it a week and a half, and already almost 1400 miles on the odometer, up from 8. 😁😁. You will LOVE IT!!!
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