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This has been an issue since new. This is my winter car so it’s garaged when all the road salt is gone.
CC on manual. Heat is full hot set @ 62 when the car is cold. When op temp full warm 64 is full hot. When trying to use the AC it takes up to ten minutes to get full cold.
Deflector actuator? Or is there a bigger problem here? I would’ve thought this would’ve been resolved?
Worse yet is a dealer that won’t recognize it.
I agree with you, it is truly frustrating when a dealer sticks his head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge an issue and worse yet, GM gives some bullshit response diverting away from what is being reported.
I recently went through a similar situation when I brought my 2020 Blazer in for the Air Recirculation system not closing the door when the Foot Vent Mode is selected. They totally blew me off. First it was reported "operating properly" then on a subsequent visit, they had to agree it was not working as it was described in their own documents and gave some BS answer saying " well it might not close all the way to allow some fresh air to deal with window fogging". The actual way it operates is that it will NOT Close At All. Period. And this they (GM technical support) call "norma"l.
I am a retired controls specialist and have programmed systems like these. I spent 10 years in the US Navy as an electronics tech on combat aircraft and an electronics instructor. One might say I may know a thing or two about this.
It is truly frustrating when someone put in a position to assist the customer won't give you the time of day !!!
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