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10 Things to know about the new Blazer

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Just wanted to share this list of the 10 most important features on the new Blazer.

1.) Unibody foundation- unlike the previous gen models the 2019 Blazer will be based on a unibody platform that's also used for the GMC Arcadia

2.) Three trim levels- Base model, sporty RS and Premier

3.) Two engine options- 2.5l 4 cylinder with 193hp and 188lb-ft of torque. 3.6l V6 making 305hp and 269lb-lb ft or torque

4.) Nine speed transmission- both engine options coming mated to a nine speed automatic

5.) Front and all wheel drive

6.) Towing- Chevy has said the V6 will be capable of towing 4,500lbs

7.) Sporty looks- its immediately apparent how much influence the Camaro has had on the new Blazer.

8.) Cabin features- sliding rear seats and dual climate controls are standard. Panoramic roof and hands free liftgate will be additional options

9.) Technology- Blazer will come with Chevy's MyLink system and an 8 inch touchscreen. Bose audio, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

10.) Release date- Truck will go on sale in January. Pricing hasn't been announced but early estimations are around $30k on the base model.
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Regardless of peoples opinions around its styling, the new Blazer is going to sell. It could be argued that GM could have taken this approach with the Equinox instead, but this isn't the first time we've seen an automaker rely on the legacy of an old nameplate.
Infotainment screen size is a major disappointment.

Big vehicle with a big interior but lacks what the new buyer wants, that is a stronger emphasis on technology.
The size isn't great but all the phone compatibility/support is. A lot of the interior seems to have been taken directly from other Chevy models, and they probably didn't want to invest until they saw what market interest was like for it.
It's a mass market vehicle, and you can bet in the higher trim levels that there will be some kind of technology package that will come with a more substantive screen. Interested to see what difference in headroom the panoramic roof makes.
IMO this is the perfect vehicle to show how Chevy can offer a boaderline GMC product. The Blazer has always offered more and right now that's what Chevy lacks in a Sporty SUV.
Aside from the future Blazer, we have bulky and heavy offerings like the Tahoe. The Toyota Highlander does exactly this and is a sales success, year after year, generation after generation.
I think we might have to wait for the first refresh before we see any radical changes inside the cabin. The Blazer will have to get some sales under its best before Chevy decides to invest more into its technology.
Recently heard that GMC is coming out with a new compact crossover that could fill this void. It might be the Granite that was shown in concept form years ago....

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Well that concept is pretty bizarre looking. I can see why it never made it past that stage. I would have liked to see a lot more of the FNR-X concept in the new Blazer. They borrowed a bit too much from the Camaro imo.
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I like how they carried over the swooped back headlight styling which has become a new feature on vehicles of this era. Fortunately the new production Blazer only has a hint of it.
so looking at some more examples of new Chevy products it turns out that swooped back design is more reflected in the belt line coming out of the headlight setup, a much smarter approach to cut production costs of the front end; headlights, fenders, etc.

new silverado wears it well...
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Not a fan of what Chevy has done with the new Silverado at all. They have made some questionable changes on a couple of their established models including the Camaro as well and they are already experiencing some backlash from it.
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