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10 color options for launch

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Chevy has finally given us an indication of what sort of customization the new Blazer will have. Buyers will be able to select 10 different exterior colors which includes: Oakwood Metallic, Kinetic Blue Metallic, Summit Bronze Metallic, Cajun Red Tintcoat, Nightfall Gray Metallic, Graphite Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, Summit White, Red Hot and Black.

The company will also offer three different interior color choices: Jet Black, Jet Black with Maple Sugar and Dark Galvanized with Light Galvanized. No pictures have been released.
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Great to see a vast array of options for the Blazers launch. I do really like the red that they've shown off in the reveal, but I'll wait and see what the rest look like.
If you head here, you can see a bunch of the different paint finishes. I think that rose gold looks terrible.
I wish GM created a program similar to what bigger brands like BMW does and that is a personalization program that gives these cars some more edge. BMW Individual is my favorite by far.
Good find @Kayfive. I was curious what the difference was in the two different reds, and it looks very subtle. I'm not a fan of that Oakwood Metallic either, but it'll be popular amongst soccer moms.
I think that's going to be a key demographic for this model, but I want to see what, if any changes that Chevy makes to the RS and Premier trims. I wish they had retained more of the straight lines from the older models.
lower black plastics kill it for me, once colored in it should do the Blazers design some well deserved justice but of course its a small incentive to consider the Tahoe.
If we are seeing plenty of plastic cladding even on newer Cadillacs, then its not all that suprising that it's also on the Blazer. This is one advantage that the new Edge ST has, because it doesn't have any of these cheap looking materials.
With Cadillac's its much lower down and as you move up the trims with say an XT4, it goes away even more, actually entirely.
Unlike the Blazer, XT4 compared to its rivals, doesn't stand out in any bad way.
You shouldn't have to go upspec on a Cadillac just to get rid of plastic cladding lol. It does look like there is the option on the Blazer to have the side skirts and lip color matched.
GMC is an inbetween brand that is more attainable. After seeing the new Terrain (online only so far), i'd say its a great alternative that has some Cadillac DNA mixed in.
GMC's crossovers have been shrinking with each new refresh and the new second gen Terrain now firmly sits in the compact category. It does have a solid powertrain this year, but I still find the interior trimmings to be a bit lacking for the Denali pricing.
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