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The Blazer disappoints this Jalopnik editor

Among all the praise I see the new Blazer getting from Chevrolet loyalists, I was surprised to see this negative feedback from a Jalopnik editor. This community and others like it speaks to what people with money to buy actually think, and that's largely positively (unless i'm missing something).
What do you guys think?

Thatís the whole problem, here. I was holding my judgement until I saw it in person, and now that I have, I can honestly say the new Blazer has all the presence of a bowl of cream of mushroom soup.
Itís disappointing. And itís not fair to do that to this otherwise just-fine SUV, or the good people who worked so hard on it. Naming this thing ďBlazerĒ is like calling an accountant with nice taste in clothes a pirate captainóitís just not a name they can live up to.
I looked into the face of the Blazer, and saw nothing but tired marketing avarice, a cynical contempt for automotive history, and a future of a car condemned to a life of Costco parking lots and mild, unspoken despair.
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What seems to be at the Jalopnik writer's problem with the Blazer is that he / she doesn't like its using the name Blazer. It is just these types of "reviews" of the Blazer that should be completely ignored. This use of the name Blazer that offends some in the media to the point they write this kind of garbage is bizarre. They are not serious vehicle reviewers.
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I know right.
Far more important things should be assessed when they have possession of the vehicle. Owner perspective is what i'm after, its what we're all after, especially for those still on the fence about getting one.
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This Blazer resembles the older Blazer enough. There's not much else someone can ask for.

Lets be happy that Chevrolet didn't butcher the name like what Dodge did to the Dart nameplate. New Dart is a disaster!
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