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Chevy Blazer: Should You Lease or Buy?

Did you get a good deal on the all-new Blazer? Poor sales have lead to $6000-6,500 back in some cases.

For a sporty mid-size SUV, the Blazer has enough going for it. Performance is where it should be and features enough to keep complaints at bay. Pricing is a different story.

Paying up to $50,000 out the door for the Blazer RS can be steep whether leasing or buying. On the lower end, Blazer L and LS start within the $30k range. Slash off 20% and you can get a similarly configured Equinox. Yes, shopping for a Blazer comes at a premium. If you're willing to accept that fact among the lower trims, the question to lease or buy comes up.

Coming across an actual deal can take work as some Blazer owner and those still shopping have proven. Though, incentives up to $6,500 (RS) in cash have been seen in some cases (at the dealer level). In other situations, the opposite is found - no lease incentives. Poor sales could help see more of the former. Chevy is offering a $2,000 cash allowance that applies to every Blazer trim. Beyond that better deals are likely offered at the dealer level as pressure to move Blazers heat up.

Only 3,023 Blazer's sold in the U.S. from January to March 2019. Meanwhile, Traverse and Equinox still pulled strong and are expected to throughout 2019. Not so much for the Blazer.

Deals beyond what can be found now, which already meet and exceed industry norms, probably won't happen. Even with a poor sales outlook.

Right now couldn't be a better time for those that love the Blazer.

Incentives of $6,500 back on a Blazer RS and $6,000 on an LT as we've seen amounts to a lease deals not commonly found.

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People saying the Blazer is overpriced must be coming from a limited car buying experience. With the incentives I was able to price a Blazer at sub-$50k

Similar to this person:

Sales should pick up as the vehicle is more available at dealers. Even though I was hit by initial sticker shock being as how the Blazer could cost up to $50k, I have to say when I did my own comparisons and built a Blazer I wanted it didnt go over $45k.

We the buying public and especially fans of GM are being done a disservice by the so called auto journalists who have gone out of their way to blare the mantra of how the Blazer is expensive like a public service announcement.

You can get a 308HP V6 Blazer without destroying your budget! Who’s gonna pay $50k for a Blazer anyway? Come on people, get off these nonsensical auto journalists jock and do your own research.
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@chevyguy do you think poor sales might push Chevrolet to launch the 3-row version that China is confirmed to get, as a final attempt?
Strong arguments can be made for only going Traverse but maybe there's space for something sportier like the Blazer?
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FYI, discounts are doubling for memorial day, increasing from $500 to $1000. Take advantage of it while you can if you qualify.

This weekend in the United States, we observe Memorial Day to honor those whoíve died while serving the country. While we donít forget the real reason for the three-day weekend, itís also often a good time to score deals on numerous items. That includes shiny-new cars.

Numerous automakers have deals running this weekend and General Motors is one of them. For U.S. Military veterans and active-duty military personnel, GM always hands out a $500 discount. For Memorial Day, GM has doubled the incentive.

Current and former military members can now take $1,000 off a new GM vehicle from any brand: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. The deal even applies to new models like the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Both new full-size pickups donít carry many incentives right now.

The automaker wonít cut the deal come this Tuesday, though. Those whoíve served and serve presently have until the end of May to take advantage of the $1,000 off.

GMís rivals are running similar promotions. Specifically, Ford will take up to $1,500 off certain models like the Expedition. Hyundai will also up its discount to $1,000 through June 3.

From everyone at GM Authority, enjoy a safe holiday this Memorial Day and we thank current and former military members for their service.
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